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My passion for the mountain embraces every aspect of this magic world. Peaks, forests but also creations and hand-made articles made in harmony with the nature evoke the same emotions. Of all materials used by man it is certainly wood the one that brings man closer to the mountain. For me woodwork is maybe a matter of heart. My father worked as a carpenter for entire life. Since I was a child, noises coming from the workshop made me feel comforted. This is the reason of writing this section. Besides making me feel closer to the mountain, the accomplishment of woodworks is a way to keep alive the memory of my father and to maintain the tradition which would otherwise disappear. To open the door of his workshop again, to use his tool again, to put the same love in this work fills my heart with joy. Moreover, I believe that there is authentic and simple wisdom in all of this. The magic of seeing the transformation of wood into a finished product which encloses creativeness, passion and work is the sensation worth of being savoured.

Casa Delnice 2.jpg
Rural home
A wooden plateou in Croatia

Casetta alpina 2_ridimensionare.jpg
Alpine house
The typical alpine roof

Casetta di montagna_ridimensionare.jpg
Mountain's house
With a dove-tailed roof

Chiesetta Buturo 2.jpg
The church of Buturo
In the forest of Sila

Il rifugio Planinski Dom v Tamarju.jpg
The hut Planinski Dom
Built in the Planica Valley

Panorama sloveno9.jpg
Slovenian landscape
With the hayrack and the hut

Panorama sloveno10.jpg
Slovenian landscape
The roof is almost ended

Panorama sloveno.jpg
Slovenian landscape
...grass-land and trees

estate 2009 082.jpg
Slovenian landscape
The end of work

estate 2009 080.jpg
Slovenian landscape
The hayrack and the hut

cristo 005.jpg
Christ Crucified
A votive building

Trenta valley
Rural home in Trenta

Trenta valley
Rural home in Trenta

Trenta valley
Rural home in Trenta

Made of linden wood

The magazine of april LegnoLab
The magazine has published my mail

The magazine of april LegnoLab
The magazine has published my mail

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